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    INTEL S5000PSL + XEON L5420 = Amber System Light




      I am working on upgrading an oldie but a goodie in my server closet and have run into a bit of a snag.




      INTEL S5000PSL motherboard

      2 x Xeon L5420 (SLBBR)

      550W PSU

      1 GB DDR2 ECC (figured I would limit myself to one stick just to remove errors in testing)

      BIOS 86


      The system works fine with the origional 5050 and an extra 5150 I had lying around but as soon as the 5420 is put into the board it stops working.


      Extra info:


      During the boot sequence with the older procs (5050 & 5150) there are a set of debugging LEDs on the back of the board that run in various sequences until the boot check is complete and I'm able to get into the BIOS. When plaving the 5420 into the system none of the system check LEDs go off and eventually I'm left with a solid amber system LED. (According to the docs is an unrecoverable fault due to DIMM failure, run-time memory errors, IERR signal asserted, proc 1 missing, temp, power fault, or proc mis-match)


      I'm stumped. Got any ideas?