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    DP67BG Burrage..Works PERFECTLY ..no POST_BEEP


      I have DP67BG Burrage board..everything works perfectly..and i am posting this problem from this pc only..but it doesnt give a beep on the start ! while booting..(everything thing Okay POST_BEEP..) it really bothers me....I have been runnign my pc for Months !...ON ..Without any issue...The i thought that upadting the BOIS would fix the problem..i even updated the BIOS to the latest version :  BGP6710J.86A.2076.EB.. still the **** doesnt Beep...what the fck is t he problem with it ... ?



      can anybody help me with it.. i will be very thankful !



      P.S : Note that the Beeping Speaker works perfectly ..if i remove the RAM and try to boot , or If i create a THERMAL_TRIP event ...HELP HELP..