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    DX58SO2 with ATI RADEON HD 5870 card fails to boot.


      I have a DX58S02 board been using for 6 months and working great.  I am trying something experimental by upgrading the

      graphics card to the high-end ATI RADEON HD 5870, which has mini display ports.  This will allow me to plug into a Apple 27" Cinematic display.

      Unfortunately, I cannot get the DX58SO2 to boot with the 5870 card installed.  Is there any reason to expect this combination to not work?


      I've tried just about every boot option I could find, as well as placed the card in each of the available PCI slots.  Here are some notes:

      - The DX58SO2 displays various boot codes and ends up hanging on code C5.  This code is not documented in the Status Code Summary,

        so I have no idea what's causing it to hang.  Suspecting power supply, I upgraded to a 1050W supply - plenty enough power, but still no luck

        booting.  The 5870 card has two separate PCIe power cables, which I have connected to separate ports on the supply.

      - The 5870 is designed for Apple Macs with EFI boot, so I set the boot option to enable UEFI, but it did not seem to have any effect.


      Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.  Does anyone think this combination of motherboard/graphics card should work?

      Quick replies are appreciated.  If I don't hear back soon, I will have to return the expensive HD 5870.



      the homebrewhack