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    DX58SO2 bios settings locked (no changes to be made)


      I am a bit concerned .. is my motherboard RMA worthy or not ?


      I have 24GB ram, I7 gulftown/westmere ? 980 CPU

      the DX58SO2 is with Latest bios (see post date)


      It started after I installed a Intel CT network card, flashed it for ISCSI boot and it seemed to work

      the OS installed (getting/extracting) the info from the CT Network card, after install "reboot"  and then it started

      OS wouldn't boot


      Spend over 12 hours wondering why the OS wouldn't boot .. reinstalled 2 times .. I Imidiatlly noticed the OS didn't read the IBFT ? or at least the data from the ISCSI lun .. wierd.


      Then giving up on the matter, I added a disk to the system the system wouldn't detect both, however the OS did

      Going into the BIOS I changed the ICH10 from ACHI to RAID (marvel chips are disabled)

      Reboot. Wierd no RAID menu. the BIOS was stil in ACHI mode, Changed it again to RAID (maybe forget to save?)

      - Again no change.

      - BIOS Defaults  No change

      - flash (F7 menu) to older BIOS .. Error


      I have changed de Bios jumper, took all the devices from the motherboard (except CPU + RAM) even disconnected the PSU from the motherboard left it for 90 Minutes .Unfortunatlly no changes what so ever ..What did work  was connecting 2 other Sata Disks.


      But Bios defaults No way. (bios Boots EB)


      is there something I have missed ?