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    Alternate control key sequence to terminate SOL


      I have a SR2625URLX with the RMM3 module. The system has the following firmware levels:

                     BMC FW Rev :                       00.57

                    Boot FW Rev :                       00.18

            SDR Package Version :                       SDR Package 0.26

             Primary HSC FW Rev :                       02.17

        Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :             


      To terminate a SOL session, the key sequence is:

        CR, ESC, T or t


      However, this seems to be poorly chosen as the default. Having CR as the first sequence means a CR will be passed through to the application running on the console. It makes more sense for an alternate sequence to be used to terminate the SOL session. For example, Sun/Oracle has adopted ESC, ( as the sequence, something less likely to be encountered by the terminal application. How do I modify the key sequence to terminate the SOL session? If this is not possible, how do I open an enhancement request to make this possible?