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    Raid 5 failed not accessible


      I have a RS2BL080 controller with 5 SATA 3TB hard drives.  One of the drives failed and just got a replacement.  Nots ure if I did it wrong but I booted into the bios, and saw the fifth drive was in red and missing as it was before.  Associated the new drive with the virtual drive.  The missing drive dissapeared.  Clicked on the drive and said Online.  Immediately went optimal.  Didn't say it was rebuilding.  Went into Windows and couldn't access the drive said it was corrupt.  Pulled up the Web Console and showed the original 4 drives were under a  Patrol Read state.  Closed the web console and went back in and the patrol read was gone.  Tried doing a consistency check.  Got the below a bunch and then said it was disabling reporting due to to many errors.


      Controller ID:  0   Consistency Check found inconsistent parity on VD
          ( VD   =   0,   strip
            =   0x2a40)


      Am I out of luck?  What did I do wrong?