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    Mobo cause of graphics driver crash??


      Hi folks,


      Here is the issue: when I turn on my PC, it boots up and goes to desktop. Within a minute, there is a malfunction. The screen becomes 'funky' and then eventually goes black for a matter of seconds. Then it comes back to 'funky' but with a window telling me that the display driver has crashed and rebooted. It will continue this pattern of crashing and rebooting until I turn off the PC, rendering it impossible to use.


      I tried booting in safe mode, uninstalling the graphics driver, rebooting in safe mode, then reinstalling the most recent graphics driver. This did not work. I also tried virus scanning, registry repair, both to no avail. I brought my PC to a repair shop. They told me a few days later that after various hardware combinations, they concluded that it was the motherboard causing this issue.


      This problem started after a friend of mine accidentally downloaded spyware on the PC, which I immediately removed. This PC is less than 2 years old, custom built by myself, specs below. It has worked better than perfectly before this issue. What is going on here?


      Someone help me? I need this PC up and running asap and I do not wish to go through the warranty process with intel.





      Intel i3 2.93 Dual core

      Intel DH55TC mobo

      4GB DDR3 10666 RAM

      1TB SATA HD

      512MB ATI Radeon HD 4750 PCIe

      Dual 22" LCD by DVI input