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    How do I share files between laptops using Intel My Wifi technology?


      I have connected 2 laptops using the Intel My Wifi Technology.  The laptop with the Intel MWT is an HP laptop running Win 7 64bit; the other is Sony laptop running Windows Vista.

      I am definitely connected as it is showing up as "Allowed" in the My Wifi window.  It is also showing that I am connected in the Sony laptop networks.


      I have looked everywhere on how to view files from one laptop to the other and can't find anywhere instructions on how to see them.  I have looked here in the Support communities and have Googled for hours.  Can't find any answers.


      There's got to be some info about this issue somewhere.  I want to share files between these laptops, but no files show from one laptop to the other.  All of the videos and marketing talk about how you can share files and set up a PAN (Personal Area Network), but no place discusses how it is supposed to work or what you're supposed to see once connected.


      Please someone Help!


      Thanks in advance.