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    BIOS unable to boot CD or Hard Drive.


      Motherboard Intel DQ35MP. HDD Caviar Green 1TB.

      I'm having problems with my BIOS and/or hard drive/disc drive.


      Came back from a trip, booted my computer, and realized that the BIOS wasn't booting anymore, just a black screen with no beep sounds. Only fans and lights on. Then I thought it might be caused by the video card, I removed it, and still no BIOS screen. Then I removed the hard drive and voila BIOS screen is back again. If the hard drive is defective then I can check that with a Rescue Disk. I inserted the CD on the Disc Tray but the computer did not respond to it, the screen freezes in black with an "E7" string at the bottom right corner just after the BIOS screen, this happens with or without discs.

      BIOS settings are set to default, and CD reading is on top of the boot device list.



      I removed the BIOS battery, rebooted the CPU, the BIOS screen showed up, and then it freezed in E7. Placed the BIOS batttery, rebooted and same thing, we are stuck with the E7 string.


      VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13jPdBcIrBU