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    I can not play games?


      Heya . Recently i bought a new pc . It is not perfect I know . The video card is : Intel G41 Express Chipset  256 MB and I dont have problems with some games but with some like fifa ( whatever version ) or league of legends ( that i installed before some minutes ) I can not play . When i run them in the menu it is ok but when i start a game it runs in a white/ light blue colors . I just can not get it . On my old pc i didnt have a problem and it had 100 MBs + video card and it was worser lol . My friends with a graphics card 64 MB or so can run it and I can not ? Come on ... Thank you very much I hope someone helps me soon .
      Regards Criss
      P.S I have got 2 GBs of RAM Windows XP 32 bit Home Edition
      Intel Celeron CPU E3400 @2.60 GHz 2.61GHz , 2 GB ram ....

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          Hello Chris,


          Please be aware that there are many variables that come in play in regards to game compatibility. For starters, you have an onboard graphics controller. The 256MB that your Video Controller has are shared with the RAM on the computer, opposed to discrete video cards that have certain amount of dedicated memory.


          You can find a list of supported games here:



          For more information, please refer to the following websites:



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            well so I can not play league of legends :-s I read the list but... I am just mad that i can not play it . My friends asked me so much to play with em and...  I really started liking the game but i see that I cant play it ... :-s Is there a way that i can run it ? I mean fix the white/light blue graphics ..  Thank you

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              I know that feeling as my friends want me to join in to battlefield 3, however here is the problem, Intel makes crappy video cards and on-board, the games companies think their a joke and dont support them.


              I have a Intel HD with 1.7ghz onboard video but its useless and the new games do not support them. I have learned since buying this computer as did you, Do not waste your hard earned money on anything Intel.


              My new motto is AMD all the way...


              so anyone want to buy a computer, laptop i5, 2.6ghz, 6gb ram and onboard Intel HD... surfs internet ok, but it cant play games cause of the video card...

              ( Thank you intel teased me with diecent stats on a laptop and then you throw in a crappy video card )

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                i just had to update my drivers . They were from 2009 and .. i had to update the video card drivers. Now it got fixed. Thank you anyway guys . I will post here if i have more problems
                Regards Criss