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    HD3000 dual display not showing extra monitor


      I own an Acer 5755G 6620 with an integrated HD3000 video card alongside the GT540m (Optimus technology)


      I also own an extended monitor that recieves all its power and video signals through one USB port (AOC 16inch monitor). The only drawback is that their is no physical brightness settings on the AOC monitor, so I was hoping to be able to change colour/brightness/gamma through the video card.


      The AOC monitor works however the only draw back is I cannot get the Intel graphics media control panel to show the AOC monitor so that I can change the brightness/colour/gamma under the color enhancement tab. If i try changing the settings under the color enhancement tab it only will change my laptop screen.


      For some reason Display: only ever shows "Built-in Display" and never the AOC monitor. See picture




      I have also checked Nvidia control pannel and Nvidia does not control any of these settings nor does it control the brightness/gamma/color of my main monitor. So this must be directly related to the Intel Graphics Media Control Panel.


      (I have restarted and updated)


      I have been constantly burning out my eyes from this monitor, I would love to dim it, can I get any advice on this. Thank you.