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    Warm Reboot Delay with Lenovo Thinkpad W520 and Intel 510 SSD


      I get the message "Active Protection Sensor Diagnostic Start"  for 40 seconds (with the BIOS startup options set to "Diagnostic" mode).

      Active Protection Sensor (APS) is Lenovo's "airbag" function to protects the HDD. (it's not needed for SSD, but can't be turn it off in BIOS.)

      I have the latest BIOS 1.33 for the Lenovo W520, and the latest firmware for the Intel 510, but the Intel 510 SSD Warm Reboot Issue still persists. 


      Lenovo does no0t seem to care, since this only happens with the Intel 510.


      And Intel does not care, since it only happens wioth the Lenovo Thinkpads W520 and T520.