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        Well folks Ive been on the phone with Dell for 2 Days,so far i have bought Memory upgrades and a new graphics card.I kept asking them if  there was an affordable upgrade for my processor.They kept giving me a processor that was over 2 thousand  dollars.DD519 it it.Im like dirt poor.Well not that poor but im sure there is a better or more affordable for me.

         2.8GHz Intel Pentium4           Main Circut Board is Dell-OM3918

         16 kb primary cache               Bus Clock is 800mhz

          1024 kb Secondary

         Not hyper threaded             



      Now Im pretty new to upgrading systems and im still learning,I got an old model Dell Demensions computor and im just trying to keep it going to I finish

      College.Any help would be wonderful and any extra knowledge shared would be even better.Would be nice to play Guildwars with my roommates instead of watching.lol TY for the help