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    Intel IDT Audio and the BSOD


      Hello there, I'm an entry-to-mid level techie with a large problem.

      I'm working with my old but faithful custom rig, an Intel DP45SG Motherboard, Intel Duo Quad Core Processor, Radeon 1800GTO Graphics Card, 4gb RAM (make and model escapes me), 400w Power Supply, a generic brand pair of desktop speakers, and Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3. My C: harddrive is also an emergency rescue from another Intel rig and full specifications can be given on both desktops if needed. Anyway, my problem is the constant audio driver crashes I get when loud music (or sounds in general) is played. Running any sound over a certain volume limit (maybe a little over 50% in the IDT Control Panel) causes IDT to pop up during whatever I'm doing, ask and verify if my jacks are plugged in, then if the same happens again, I'm rewarded with the ever popular BSOD (STOP Error: 0x0A If I'm correct) and the information that the sthda.sys driver has failed.

      Understand this, I've done everything short of clean installing Windows XP all over again, I maintain a 20% fragmentation rate, I scan for viruses and spyware on a weekly schedule, I've re-installed every audio driver I could manage to find and yet, whenever a sound is played over that limit, my baby crashes.

      As my rig was hand built by me (read: assembled) I'm under no warranty as a whole, but most of my parts are still under factory if anyone thinks I need to replace a part. Once again, if full specs on anything is needed I can provide them, so don't be shy at all to ask me. Any and all help is greatly appreciated in advance...