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    Intel HD2000 GPU causing problems?


      Hey everyone,


      I recently build a PC for a friend of mine that consists of:


      -Asrock H67DE3;
      -2x2GB Kingston;
      -Samsung 502HJ
      -Seasonic 400W;
      -BenQ G2220HD 9H.L07LN.IBE;
      -Win 7 64 bit;


      The PC is using the Intel HD2000 GPU. After completely new installation of Windows 7 and all the drivers(all updated) there's a problem with "Display driver stopped working/responding". After the launch PC will work normally for few minutes, and once the problem starts it will continue appearing. PC freezes for a while, screen goes black and either "No signal" or "Out of range" message will pop up on monitor. Then it fixes itself with the driver message poping up. Since the original drivers came on a cd I installed the newest ones from Intel website but it didn't change anything. This problem doesn't occur in any particular situation. The resolution is set to the native 1080p, refresh rate as well, to 60 Hz. Got no clue what to do. Any ideas?