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    Can't install software




      I'm encountering a similar problem to others in this forum in that I encounter the following error when trying to install the WiDi software: The platform is not compatible.


      I have a Dell Latitude E6410

      Intel Core i5 520M

      Nvidia NVS 3100M

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      4 GB RAM


      I realize, based on the min. requirements, that an Intel graphics card is required, but I was hoping that there was a way to get around that.



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          Thank you for the question.


          I am including some links to the requirements for Intel® Wireless Display. For Intel® Wireless Display to be supported and work your system will need to meet the requirements on this page. If you find that your system does not meet the requirements, then unfortunately Intel® Wireless Display would not be supported on your system.


          When the software installs, it has a built in compatability check. If the components required are not all in place, then the software installation will not complete.


          Please follow the link below to check for system compatability.


          Intel® Wireless Display system requirements:



          Should you find that your system does support Intel® Wireless Display, I have also listed a link with the installation instructions.


          Intel® Wireless Display Installation Guide:






          Intel® Product Support Engineer