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    P67 raid issue when using two dissimilar arrays; system lockup and errors


      I am using the p67 built in raid. It works fine with one array, but with two it seems to have issues.
      I never had problems until I added the second array.






      Primary array:

      2x Samsung HD103SJ on 6gb ports 1/2



      2x Western Digital WD1600AAJS

      The drives in the second array weren't even formatted.


      Additonal: DVD-RW iHAS 424 Port 3


      It took me over 8 tries to get the os installed with two arrays.

      I disconnected the second array, no install issues at all.

      With two arrays system is unstable.


      Error with two arrays: Pc lock up, no os response but no crash and the mouse cursor still moves.

      Symptoms: All Cpu Meter locks up
      Core temp stops changing
      System does not crash
      No response from os or ctrl+alt+del
      ctrl+alt+del results in black screen with "busy" cursor
      Mouse cursor still moves?


      Changing memory did not affect the locking up.


      Removing the second array causes the dvd drive to plug and play, with a popup dialogue in win7


      Removing the second array allowed the install to proceed without a problem.


      With two arrays, or even on additional device selective (f12) boot results in failure to boot from any drive.

      The only way it functions properly is to go into bios and rearrange the boot order.


      CPU just ran prime95 for three hours.