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    random write performance of Intel SSD


      I have got a Intel solid slate driver as system driver with Windows XP operating system. According to the discussions on forums , there is a software named MFT can be installed to accelerates the ssd’s rand write performance. My problem is whether the Intel SSD’s firmware has been designed to avoid the rand write problem or the Intel SSD Toolbox software has the same function familiar with MTF. If not ,is it really necessary to install MFT software to accelerates the random write performance of Intel SSD.

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          Link to this MFT software?  There is very little a 3rd party software can do to increase random performance.


          What random write problem?

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            The MFT describes random write performance problem as follows,

            Flash SSDs commonly random write 500 times more slowly than they random read. As a result, Flash SSDs often spend 98% or even more than 99% of their IO time doing writes, and only 1% to 2% performing reads. MFT technology often results in overall random read/write performance gains that are typically 70- to 150-fold based upon average data sizes. Though twenty to a hundred times faster at random reading than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), SSDs by themselves are generally slower than Hard Disks because of their very slow random write speeds. But with MFT, even very ordinary Flash SSDs are often ten to fifteen times faster than the fastest Hard Disks made, and 50 to 100 times faster than the Hard Disks commonly found in Laptop and Netbook computers.

            I’m not sure that this problem has been settled  in the latest firmware version or Intel SSD Toolbox software. The firmware version of my Intel SSD is latest 4PC10362.if Intel has settled this problem, there is no necessary to install the MFT software again. The biggest problem is if Intel has optimize the random write performance in firmware or softare.