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    DP67BG - USB Issues




      I recently had a DP67BG and an i7 2600K purchased for me for my birthday. Installed everything last night. I kept the same HDD, same Video Card. I also purchased an additional HDD and 16 GB of memory. Well from the first boot up everything went smooth it went into BIOS for me to configure the settings. At the time all I had connected were the Power, Display and the USB Keyboard.


      As with all PCs I've built they have never worked from the get-go. Well the BIOS did not recognize the Keyboard strokes. I was unable to navigate through the BIOS settings. Whenever I would switch the USB to another slot the BIOS would freeze (noticeable by the clock in the DP67BG BIOS). I am unable to use the keyboard at all. Whenever I turn off the Back2BIOS option and try to boot directly into Windows I get the error message "Windows was unable to start. Some recent softward or hardware changes could be the problem." With the options to use Safe Mode, Safe Mode w/ Networking, Last Known Good Configuration or Start Windows Normally. I am not able to select anything on this screen as again my Keyboard does not work. However, the Keyboard lights up (keyboard is a Logitech 920 the Ultra-Thin Illuminated Keyboard).


      I currently do not have ANOTHER Keyboard to try to use. There is no option on this motherboard for PS/2. I do not have any CD/DVD Drive as I need to purchase one that has the SATA Interface (this MOBO has no option for IDE).


      I am going to head to BestBuy and purchase a Basic  Keyboard (one that utilized hardly any power), a USB Drive (16gb) and a  new CD/DVD drive that has SATA capabilities. Not sure what I expect but  at least I will be a little more prepared.


      Any suggestions?