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    Core i3 2100 no signal through hdmi


      My htpc machine has a core I3 2100 processor, that also handles my graphics, and is hooked up to a sony kdl40nx711 3dtv. The hdmi signal is fine after a freash windows install, As soon as I install any of the new intel drivers (including the latest, 2059, through wu, or manually) the computer has video all the way up to the windows 7 welcome screen, at this point all video signal cuts out. When I boot into safe mode, and uninstall the driver it is fine. Does any one have a solution?

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          Hi there!


          This is normal when you install the Intel graphics drivers. The Vbios of your video adapter is reading drivers once this is reaching operating system.




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            I think he's saying he's got no video through HDMI after upgrading to the 2509 drivers (the latest).


            As discussed in this thread, http://communities.intel.com/message/141920, the Windows Update version of the 2509 driver seems to cause this problem.  Why Intel hasn't pulled this update or fixed it is beyond me.


            What you can try:


            - if you haven't already, download the 2509 driver from Intel, save it to your HDD somewhere

            - unplug from ethernet

            - turn off wireless

            (such that you are not connected to the internet -- we don't want Windows automatically grabbing the driver via Windows Update)

            - uninstall the 2509 driver (if there is uninstall option from control panel, do that, if not uninstall from device manager)

            - restart

            - you should now be running the standard VGA driver

            - now install 2509 that you downloaded from Intel site

            - restart


            Hopefully that works... Otherwise you have some other HDMI issue.


            Also, you didn't mention what BIOS you are running or what motherboard you have.  You'll want to make sure you have the latest available for your board.  Your mileage may vary if you have other than an Intel board, as the third-party MB vendors have been very poor at upgrading the VBIOS with their BIOS updates... and that could be an issue too.

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              Rehabman, I will disconnect it from the internet, and try the upgrade again, did not think to do that. The mobo is an asus p8h67 M evo, and I have upgraded to the latest bios.

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                So the driver will install, and I can display resolutions upto 1024x768, however when I go to 1920x1080 (which should be supported) then I lose my signal

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                  Might be an incompatibility problem between your MB and the TV.  I have two different SandyBridge systems working with 1080p TVs, and another running on an older TV at custom resolution of 1366x768.  I'm using Intel motherboards though.


                  Do you have a different 1080p TV you could test with -- perhaps one owned by friends/family?  Might be worth a shot.  Also you might want to try different inputs/configuration options on the TV itself.

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                    Just thought I'd also mention something you might not have noticed... A new Intel HD graphics driver, v2559.  Might be worth a try.