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    Intel Matrix Storage Technology & Remote RAID Monitoring


      I have an Asus   P7Q57-M DO motherboard using an Intel   Core i5-650 CPU.  The motherboard is configred for RAID.


      I have not been able to locate anything in the Intel chipset RAID software configuration that would allow me to run this computer as a headless server, i.e., no keyboard, monitor, or mouse. 


      Ideally I'd like to find a way to configure the Intel RAID software to send email alerts if there is a problem with any of the RAID drives.  Lacking that I'd like to be able to use a web browser to remotely monitor the system.


      Can this be done with Intel Matrix Storage Technology?  If so, is my current limitation due to the motherboard I'm using?  What Intel motherboard would allow me to accomplish this goal?  I'd be interested in either LGA 1155 or LGA 1156 motherboards.  (Or possibly the newer LGA 2011 motherboards.)


      Thanks for any insight that you can provide.