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    DQ67EP and RAID Controller in PCIe x16 Slot


      I am interested in using a RAID controller on the Intel DQ67EP motherboard.  The RAID vendor mentioned the following -


      Our RAID cards can work with x8, x4, x2 or x1 mode.  The working speed is determined by the motherboard bios.  So it is possible to use with x4 link speed if the slot supported.  (They mentioned this because I asked about the x16 slot on this board that only runs at x4 speed.)


      For desktop boards, please contact with the motherboard vendor for more details about the slot ability.  Some PCIe slots are mainly used for supporting graphic cards which our controllers may not able to work on it.  If the slot does support non-graphic cards then it should work with our RAID cards.



      The documentation I've been able to locate for this motherboard looks as though the PCIe slot on the DQ67EP may have been aimed at discrete graphics cards, but it is unclear to me whether or not that means I can not use some other type of PCIe device in this slot or not?  I wasn't sure if something about how the PCIe lanes are connected to the CPU would mean this slot could only be used for a GPU?


      Thanks for any insight you can provide.