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    i7 2600k 90 degrees temperature for hours?


      I have a new i72600k, asus p8z68-Vpro board, 16g corsair 1600 ram, case with 5 fans. Stock BIOS settings. evga gt520 card. stock heatsink,

      Using RealTemp, the 4 cores hang out between 23-30 degrees idle.

      video editing/rendering/conversion - cpu to 100% usage, temps on cores,

      1 and 4 = 87-89 degrees

      2 and 3 = 89-90 degrees. (tjmax at 90), thermal status hits "hot" at 90.


      Is this normal? Is it safe? I have many hours of video rendering to do, and wanted to check before I actually go for it.

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          Please keep in mind that you do not need to worry about the cores temperature, you need to pay attention to the CPU temperature itself.

          In this case as long as the CPU temperature is lower than 72.6 degrees Celsius, then the processor will be running under thermal specifications.

          If the CPU temperature is higher than 72.6 degrees Celsius then I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your motherboard and also testing the processor on a 2nd motherboard to see if it causes the same behavior.

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            Adolfo - thank you.

            How can I measure the heat of the actual CPU, vs. the cores?

            There is a GPU reading above the core readings in RealTemp - is that the CPU temp?

            at idle, it is around 34 degrees or so,

            When I do video editing, and the cores go to 90 degrees, tt goes to 38-39 degrees, but does that when the cpu is at 25 or 100%


            If that is not it, Is there some program I can use to find the CPU temp?


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              I believe your motherboard comes bundled with a program called AI Suite II - a utility for auto tuning, getting system info, updating the bios, etc. Install and run the tool (I think it's downloadable from ASUS if you don't have it on an install CD), choose Monitor / Sensor in the toolbar.  You'll get a list of about 10 sensor readings, one of which is CPU temp. I'm not absolutely certain that this is the external CPU temp (as opposed to an average of the core temps or something like that), but on my machine during continuous video encoding (100% CPU utilization) I see a CPU temperature of about 65-72C (depends a bit on room temperature). If your machine reads substantially higher than that, it is possible that your CPU heatsink wasn't installed properly - I have personally seen a case where the plastic film protecting the polished surface of the heatsink for shipping wasn't removed when the heatsink was installed (???!!) and the CPU temperature soared during high-load activities. A more common circumstance is where heatsink compound simply wasn't applied properly or when the heatsink is removed and then reinstalled without replacing the heatsink compound (very common when motherboards were being replaced due to the H67/P67 chipset bug - the phase-change compound that ships with the stock heatsinks is single-use only!).

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                OK. Thanks for the AI Suite II reference. I found it and installed it.

                My cpu is running at a solid/unwavering 87 degrees at 100% load. This seems to be a very bad thing.


                I paid a computer company to put the system together and purchased cpu and motherboard insurance.

                They ran a 12 hour stress test at 100 percent on the CPU to figure out why my system was malfunctioning last week. I assume the temp was at 87 during that whole time. THey did not have any pcu temp software installed, so I doubt they check it.


                Should I tell them that they need to re-do the heatsink?

                Should I request a new CPU?

                Do you have any suggestions for me?

                Thanks, Mark

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                  The troubleshooting that I would recommend is as follows:

                  Install the latest BIOS for your motherboard.

                  If that does not help, then test the processor on 2nd known working and compatible motherboard.

                  If the processor is still providing the same overheating temperatures, then since you mention that you purchased an insurance for the processor, you can contact them so they can replace it for you.

                  If they do not want to replace it for you, then you can contact your local Intel technical support center at:


                  So they can assist you.

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                    That really sounds like a heatsink problem to me - it is much less likely that it is a problem with the CPU itself. It is also unlikely that 87C will damage your CPU in the short run, but high temperatures will shorten the life of any component so it's best to deal with it soon. I would suggest to the guys that built the system that they should check whether the heatsink/cooler was fully fastened (sometimes the spring-loaded clips at the corners aren't fully engaged), and if it is already correctly fastened they should take it off, clean off the old heatsink compound thoroughly (finish up with pure isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth), apply a SMALL amount of good-quality compound, and reattach the heatsink/cooler (see http://www.arcticsilver.com/pdf/appmeth/int/vl/intel_app_method_vertical_line_v1.1.pdf for thorough instructions). To test, a program like Prime95 (free download) works really well in torture-test mode. You should probably end up with a CPU temperature in the range of 70C with a stock cooler (maybe a few degrees higher for this torture test). Note that the Arctic Silver guys claim that it takes a break-in period of 25-300hrs for the thermal compound to achieve maximum contact (depending on compound type), so you might not see the best temps instantly.

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                      I didn't see Adolfo's response before posting mine - and I see that your CPU fan is only going up to a little over 2000rpm at the highest temps, so a BIOS update might be a good idea especially if it changes the fan's PWM reponse vs temperature (my P8P67 board runs the CPU fan up to about 2500RPM when the temp is >=65C). You may also be able to tweak the fan settings in AI Suite under Tool/Fan Xpert - I use the 'Intelligent' setting to get the fan profile described above. If your fan is really only spinning up to 2000rpm at the highest fan power setting (there's a test utility in Fan Xpert), then maybe your cooler needs replacement and your CPU(/&Cooler) insurance will pay off! If you have a second motherboard/system available, then by all means give that a try too (not sure most people have multiple compatible systems lying around), but make sure you don't accidentally 'solve' the problem by taking off an improperly-installed heatsink, installing it properly on the second system, and blaming your first motherboard when the second one appears to work well .

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                        The tech told me that it is normal for a quad-core i7-2600k processor to run that hot.

                        This seems counter to what you have all told me, especially Adolfo, whom I think I should trust more than the tech.

                        Does he know something or is he confused?

                        I will check to make sure they upgraded the BIOS. I am uncertain about them now.

                        Thank you for all your help.


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                          I finally clarified that I did not have the latest BIOS as I had been told, Mine was 2 months old. When I updated it (which was easy through the AI Suite II), it transformed the issue: - at 100% cpu usage, cpu temp locks around 63-64 degrees, fan speed only 1500-1600.

                          Thank you very much.


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                            if you get problems again, I suggest you buy an alternative cpu cooler, from zalman, mastercooler, corsair and many other. Make sure that the case has good airflow.



                                          Valentin N

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                              Hey, this is a really late post. But I was looking for answers about my CPU and motherboard temperatures as I just finished over clocking my i7 2600k 3.40GHz to 5.60GHz. I was expecting my CPU temps to dramatically increase from 28°c but instead it barely when up too 32°c (which is no hotter then the room I'm running the PC in). However my board is showing an unusual increase from a relatively cool 30°c to a dramatic spike up to 48°c. But come right back down to 32°c when the side penal is removed.

                              The 3 case fans are running 100% with front door open and yet I only have my CPU cooler idling at 900rpm to get these results.

                              These figure are baffling me as they seem so unreal that I can get them with my CPU cooler running as slow as it will go. These temps have been confirmed through both AI Suite II and an external digital thermometer with contact pads.

                              Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.


                              My system build is this:

                              - NZXT H2 Black Mid Tower

                              - ASUS P8Z77-V XL Mother board

                              - Intel Core i7-2600k 3.40GHz 8MB Cache

                              - SpinQ VT Vertical CPU Cooling Tower

                              - 2 x Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 Crossfire linked

                              - Kingston HyperX blu 16GB Quad DDR3 1600Mhz Memory, 4 x 4GB

                              - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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                                Keep in mind that over-clocking the processor over the Intel Turbo Boost speed is not recommended.

                                Anyways, if even checking the temperature with an external device it reports normal temperature operations, and the system is running fine, there is no reason to be worried.

                                If the system is not behavior as expected I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version and lowering the processor over-clocking to the Intel Turbo Boost speed.

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                                  I understand what I'm doing is highly unrecommended that's the whole point in extreme over-clocking. Its not my rig I use from day to day its my competition level rig which I'll be using nitrous to cool her on the events, hence why I'm using air cooling rather then liquid.
                                  I can't see how that my CPU is running so cold and yet my board is so hot. Could it be that I have a faulty board. cause I made a very similar rig for a mate and he's pushed it even higher. (he says it's running at 6.10GHz and has reported expected temps)

                                  I don't believe that my clock speed is to blame.

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