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    Intel Board S1200BTL and Adaptec HBA 6405E


      I wanted to use Adaptec SAS/SATA RAID HBA 6405E with Intel Server Board S1200BTL. Now I have heard from Adaptec that this controller actually does not work with S1200BTL. Are there any means to fix this with upcoming BIOS versions for S1200BTL in the near future? Would be nice if someone from Intel could give me a hint on that.


      I bought this controller to use it with VMWare ESXi because Embedded RAID of S1200BTL cannot be used with VMWare ESXi.


      Another sad thing about S1200BTL and VMWare ESXi is that only one NIC is recognized within vmware. Hopefully this maybe get also fixed in the future by VMWare.




      Stefan Korn