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    Intel Turbo Boost Monitor is anoying


      Can I remove the Turbo Boost Monitor from my Start Up menu without affecting the performance of my laptop running the  i5 -2410m with Windows 7 64 bit?

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          It is only a monitor so it should not affect the operation of your system. To disable, you do it by running system configration.

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            I wish to avoid having the monitor running all the time on my new Samsung NP300-V5A Windows7 i5-2430m laptop, so I disabled it in Services.


            Unfortunately, I then got a warning message at startup, complaining that the monitor had stopped working....... The small window with the message has no title.


            How can I stop this message from appearing?


            I assume it comes from some Intel utility, but maybe it is a Samsung message, although Samsung's support deny all knowledge of it.

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              As what I have stated earlier you disable the monitor thru "system configuration". Do this by accessing the control panel and selecting "administrative tools". In the menu presented select "system configuration". Select "startup".  Once in the startup locate "Intel Turbo Boost Monitor ..." and uncheck the box. Click "ok" then reboot you computer.

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                thanks for the quick reaction. Unfortunately, the actions you suggested are exactly what I had done before.


                I have now repeated them and am attaching a screen print (jpeg) of the error message which appears - this is what I want to stop happening.


                In my previous post I had said there was no title on the error message window, but that was incorrect, as you will see from the screen print.


                Can you suggest why something should be (relatively) insistent that the monitor runs, and how to stop it?monitor error window.jpg

                In case you cannot read the text at this size, the window title says 'Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0' and the text in the window says 'Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0 stopped working. Please try restarting Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0'. It's a bit repetitive but not too informative.


                It would be nice if there were an option to say 'do not show this message again', but I now wonder if the message comes from some other "monitor" that I do not need to have running all the time,either. Just to be clear, I would like to apply all the processor power to my work, rather than have loads of utilities using it for no good reason.

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                  What I have suggested works in my unit. Anyway try uninstalling Turbo Boost Monitor and see if the message still appear? If not, try cleaning your drive using a drive cleaner such as CCleaner before reinstalling TurboBoost monitor. After installation do the steps suggested earlier to disable it. Check if the message reappaears.

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                    Thanks for the help - I uninstalled the monitor and the error message went as well, so all appears now to be fine & rosy.