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    Mobile Intel 4 GMA driver will not install or uninstall on Lenovo X301 laptop


      Machine: Lenovo X301 Laptop with SSD drive, 4GB of memory

      OS: Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

      Video Driver: Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


      After installing Visual Studio 10 and doing Windows Update, Intel video drivers were destroyed. Two instances of the Mobile Intel 4.... driver show up in Device Manager. Both have have a yellow indicator of unhappiness.


      Only Error Message: "An error occurred while registering one or more components"



      "Connect to a Projector" applet will not load. Nothing happens when icon is clicked.

      System was in 800x600 resolution after Windows Update. 1400x900 is default.

      Cannot extend to another monitor that is plugged in.

      Cannot update, install or delete Mobile Intel 4 Series.. driver instances under Display Adapter in Device Manager. Trying either fails without any error message.

      Cannot install the update for this driver. It, 7xd557ww.exe, fails after copying files when the "Install GMA5 Display Driver now " install begins. The install app just goes away without any message. This happens in Diagnostic or Safe mode.


      Would updating the BIOS help? I have no idea on why everything fails.


      I have a lot of software on this machine, and am mightily concerned about having to install the OS again. Any help would be appreciated.