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    Freezes with DZ68BC


      Have a bit of a problem with a new DZ68BC board, i7-2600K and 16GB (4*4GB) of Corsair 1866 Vengeance RAM. No videocard and Tagan 750W PSU.


      It runs but freezes occasionally in W7-64bit. So I started RAM test (one which W7 does at startup). This reliably freezes at 21% of extended RAM test (I did it 5-6 times). OK, I thought it was a bad RAM module so removed 8GB. Same result. Swapped for another 8GB - same freeze at 21%.


      There is no overclocking (all at BIOS default). The only idea I have is that RAM timings are messed up in default BIOS mode. Any ideas what else it can be?




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          Just wanted to add a few things:


          1) By "freeze" I mean complete stop - screen is static and no reaction to keyboard/mouse (not even Alt+Ctrl+Del or CapsLock light). I saw this once when booting Windows 7 and many times during extended Windows Memory Diagnostic at 21%.

          2) Memtest86 runs without errors (I did it 3 times).

          3) Prime95 can run for hours (say overnight) but once I found a machine on Login prompt (and I think power was OK).

          4) The "21%" problem with Windows Memory Diagnostic in Extended mode was reported before. See, for example:



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            I think I got to the bottom of the problem. In fact there are two separate problems:


            1) The hang at logon was happening due to Marvell controller reporting the virtual disk as RAID and Windows is known to hang at logon when RAID disk is added. So I disabled Marvell controller, connected two disks to Intel ICH10 controller and created RAID in Windows 7 via OS (it may be a fraction slower but it works and will allow easy migration of the array to any other PC). That configuration is much less troublesome. As the disks are SATA 3MBit/s I should not have lost any speed.


            2) The freeze at 21% of memory test must be a problem in Memory Diagnostic Tool in Extended mode (maybe only on some motherboards?) because I ran Prime95 on the machine for 3+ days in torture mode and there was not a single problem or a hang (all 8 CPUs 100% busy and utilizing entire RAM).


            Does anybody know why DZ68BC have 2 different SATA controllers? Is it just to increase the number of 6Mbit/s SATA connectors from 2 to 4? The Marvell controller is dodgy (e.g. crashes W7 Ultimate install if its RAID driver is added during the install time) and it has a poor BIOS.


            Best regards,


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              It is indeed to support 4 6Gb/s SATA ports. Many other boards in this range offer 4 6Bb/s SATA ports. It is a pitty that the z68 chipset doesn't support more 6Gb/s SATA ports out of the box. My recommendation would also to be to use the Intel SATA ports. BIOS support is much better and the Intel RAID driver is very stable. One of the earlier version for Vista had troubles but Microsoft and Intel has resolved these issues a long time ago. The Intel controller seems also to be faster (see article "Marvell SATA-6G SSD Performance vs Intel ICH10" http://benchmarkreviews.com/)


              I can also advise to use the latest Intel RAID drivers: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/chpsts/imsm. I use it myself to run 2 WD disks in RAID 0 mode in Windows 8 Developer Preview (I use the 6Gb/s port to connect the SSD) and have not seen any problems yet.


              It seems also that Intel will also add TRIM support to SDDs in a RAID configuration in an upcoming revision of their drivers.

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                Does your Corsair memory work with its xmp profile @1866Mhz ?


                I have the board too but it doesn't work with my G.Skill F3-14900CL9Q-16GBXL (DDR3 1866CL9@1,5V)




                Someone wrote that more people have the problem to run memory above 1600Mhz


                Maybe its your problem too ?

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                  Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about 1866 MHz RAM speed as I run mine at lower speed.


                  Just to finish this thread - the computer with DZ68BC motherboard has been now in operation for more than a month and it works perfectly. So the main problem was (is) in the Windows Memory Test in Extended mode.