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    Lost Devices in DirextX9




      I probably found a bug in a intel graphics driver.


      DirectX 9 documentation states: 'All methods that derive from IUnknown are guaranteed to work after a device is lost.'


      A DirectX application running on my computer with the following configuration crashes when calling ID3DXSprite::End on a lost device.


      Intel Core i3 (2.93GHz)

      Gigabyte H55M-D2H Mainboard

      using onboard graphics

      Windows XP Professional


      You can easily reproduce that with running a sample from the DirectX SDK:

      SimpleSample.exe -forceapi:9 -fullscreen -width:1024 -height:768

      It's important to select a screen resolution which differs from the desktop resolution!


      Now press Alt-Enter -> Access violation while calling ID3DXSprite::End on the device which is lost now.


      Adding another graphics card (NVidia) to this computer and running the sample application on that device works fine.


      Thanks for your feedback,