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    Intel RAID SRCSASLS4i issues


      I purchased a new Windows 2003 server 3 months ago.   Has an SRCSASLS4i card in it and three drives in Raid 5.   Drive 0 has failed 8 times now and was replaced each time with a new drive.  Rebuild is always successful, but same drive fails within a week.  I have also replaced the SCSI controller, all Cables, Upgraded the Firmware, SCSI drivers in Windows 2003 server, and the Raid Cage itself with all new parts.  I have also tried other slots in the Raid Cage and Drive 0 still failing at least once a week.  The errors I get in Event Viewer each time are Application Event ID 268, Event ID 267, Event ID 87 and in the System Events, Event ID 129 msas2k3....  I'm not sure what to replace next...please help!