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    Intel dh67bl , PC restarts on its own . Please help!


      Motherboard:      intel dh67bl board

      Processor:         intel i5 2100 3.10ghz processor

      Memory:            4+2 gb memory Corsair 1337mhz

      Os:                   windows 7 32-bit.

           The problem is my system restarts sometimes on its own. I had this problem a month back too so I replaced my motherboard which was under warranty.

           After the replacement the computer seemed to work fine for a few days but then suddenly the same problem started few days back. I have also got my memory replaced but then I learnt there was no problem with memory. I have ran Intel desktop utility tool and its shows no problem with my hardware, and the processor is operating between 45-51 C.After the unexpected boot I go to the windows Event viewer to find a CRITICAL event with the Source:Kernel-Power along with the follwing message "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly".

           Also sometimes my screen freezes on windows and I have no option left but to manually restart the system.What seems to be the problem? Please help.

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          Based on what you've described, I'd recommend the following:


          1. Just to be 100% sure, ensure the Corsair* memory is 1.5v., as the CPU itself is not tolerant to higher than 1.5v.:




          2. Make sure the power supply is 460 W., at least, as this is the minimum the Intel(R) Desktop Board DH67BL supports; see page 55 of the Technical Product Specification:



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            My memory is running at 1.5 v only and i already have 500w of power. Still the problem prevails. Any other suggestions?

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              i have

              Intel dh67bl

              intel i3 2100


              try change  psu ,same problem exit with me using corsair cx500 v2 psu .


              also make sure that memory is

              DDR3 1333 mz

              Tested Voltage  -1.5v

              SPD Voltage     -1.5v



              Memory iam usng is adata 4 gb stick AD3U1333C4G9-R DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600).


              corsair 1.5v value series i used first show  problems.



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                Motherboard: intel dh67bl

                Processor: i5 2300 2.8ghz

                Memory 4gb transnd

                Os: win7 64bit


                I too have the same problem from past 6 weeks. My system crashes and restarts automatically. Once crashed, it repeatedly restarts during the win7 boot screen,(many times even before boot screen appeares) & my files are restored as they were during the last logon. & my processor temp reaches 87 C when i play a game. The last crash i had was while performing a processor test by BurnInTest during which the temp had reached 98 C. But i also have crashes when i'm not playing a game or simply using Firefox. 90%of the my pc crashes back to back. the number of restarts are increasing now. my pc restarted 4times after the last 2 crashes. My screen never freezes. I am not able to update hd graphics driver to version or later.  please help.  I have attached a link to dxdiag report.

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                  my config 1- intel i3 2100 ,2-dh67bl b3, 3- adata  memory 4gb ......




                  First things first


                  power off system

                  1-   (processor temp reaches 87 C) Make sure that processor is firmly installed in socket .(a)try to Remove and reassemble every thing in pc  -check enough termal component apply on heat sink(Check vedios on you tube on processor & heat sink installation).Update BIOS use exe formate file


                  2-(check proper earthing in your house). A smps also may cause problem-download intel h67bl technical documentation -check power requirement -(if you dont understand use psu calculator in cooler master site to find good smps(psu) link-http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com/) you can buy antec,seasonic,cooler master,iball smps(iam useing iball).

                  A 430W,450w true power smps  is more than enough if you dont have no grapics card, or more than one hard disk,pcl cards ,tv tuner card etc.

                  dont buy coresair cx v2 vertion,dont connect more than one component to  molex (power coard) especially case fan.


                  3.(number of restarts increasing ) This problem mainly cause by memory problem use 1.5w memory(h67 bl is memory sensitive )

                  Tested Voltage  -1.5v

                  SPD Voltage     -1.5v

                  ,(iam useing adata)-Gskill is good enough

                  link 1- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231423


                  also run -a)winows 7 memory diaganostics (its in control panel administrative tools)

                          b)try to check disk error useing hd tune (or change hard disk if you have one)

                         c) save data reformate the whole HDD ,reinstall windows

                         d) diable auto run in windows 7 ,check virus use avast free vertion,avg etc .

                         e) check sata cable ..etc, down load sata utility to make sure its a b3 vertion motherboard.