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    Faceing issue of no display with intel DH55TC motherboard/Intel I3 processor


      Hi All,


      I need help to debug this no display issue.


      Few month back(~3 month) I have purchased intel mother board DH55TC and intel I3 processor, it works fine for two month after that many problems are occured like sudden power off of complete CPU(i checked fans are working properly before power down). if i try to restart it again then no bootup(remain in power down). , if i tryed after around 5-6 hr then system may(some time not bootup) complete bootup properly and work properly.


      Last month, new issue arises, CPU fan restart within few seconds, means no bootup, no display on monitor ....


      I carried my complete system to nehru place, delhi to find and fix this issue. According to engineer, intel motherboard is faulty.


      I have given my intel motherboard to service center for repaire/replacement. After 10 days, I have received one motherboard, with this new motherboard, CPU fans are working properly(no restart) but new problem occur, no display on monitor. even if i remove my RAM from motherboard, no beep tone heard, means some problem is with motherboard or processor.


      Can any one suggest me how can i further processed to fix this issue. or any step to debug this issue?


      Best Regards


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          I have read many problems with Monitors / TVs and the Intel GPU drivers.

          2 years ago, I had an issue where the Vista H.P. Intel GPU driver will not display desktop on big screen TV.  But same TV and different system specs with same manufacturers and it works.  Some later after 2 years, I read Maintenance Engineering post could not resolve problem and keyword 're'.

          My conclusion today is the problems are non driver based and not liable under Intel Support.


          And what is an Intel 'motherboard  with spec details ?