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    Connecting 4 monitors to DH67BL motherboard




      I have DH67BL motherboard that has an on board DVI and HDMI ports and one PCIe16 graphics slot.


      I connected one DVI monitor to the DVI on board.

      I added an NVIDIA GEFORCE 210 card on the PCIe16 slot with another VGA and DVI ports and changed the bios settings of the IGD to "always enabled".


      Now I have a system working fine with three monitors.

      I tried adding a forth monitor to the on board hdmi port. I had a dvi monitor so I connected it via a DVI-HDMI cable.

      Monitor was not identified and no signal was sent to it.


      I tried all options on the bios setup video section : IGD primary port etc. No change.


      Any advice on how to connect this forth monitor ?



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          Or - maybe simpler : Does this board support BOTH HDMI and DVI simultaneously or just one of them ? If it does not , that explains it . The documentation available from intel does not say that explicitly.

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            OK issue resolved


            The board can support both DVI and HDMI but not when another graphics card is enabled. When using another graphics card + the onboard one must set the bios to "IGD always on" and even then the other card operates only with the DVI and not the HDMI


            So the solution found was to get another graphics card that has a PCI Express X 1 interface and add it to the computer


            I got a PNY NVS 300 PCIeX1 card that supports two extra monitors. So now the computer is working fine with 5 monitors and I still have yet another PCIeX1 slot if more needed.


            Hope that is helpful for someone