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    DQ67EP and MEI_allOS_7.1.20.1119_PV not working


      Hello vPro Team

      I am using Win7 64bit on my DQ67EP. But when I install the MEI_allOS_7.1.20.1119_PV software

      I still get an yello mark on the device "Serieller PCI-Anschluss".

      Is there any workaround to get them running?



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          Are you using the file here (it has a slightly different name to the one you quoted)? If there is still a serial device unaccounted for have you accidentally enabled an Infrared controller on the board (if you load the boards default BIOS settings and save out of there CIR is normally disabled). Is there any other hardware installed on the PC as that may account for the device. Commonly PCI modems put such an entry in device manager as well if they don't have their drivers correctly installed.


          PS I'm not part of vPro Team - just one of the Intel Community forum posters.

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            I had the same problem with a DQ67SW motherboard. The download file was missing drivers for SOL Port that is why you get the yellow mark in device manager. With the same release date August 2011 and same driver number they quietly released another driver package named MEI-SOL which includes the correct drivers. Download and install the package from the DQ67SW or DQ67EP driver section and you are good to go hopefully.

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