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    S5520HC and Windows Network Load Balancing


      I’ve two new servers, each with Intel Hanlan Creek S5520 server board and Intel 82575EB Gigabit NICs and the latest drivers (v11.11.43.0).

      I’ve installed Windows Server 2008 R2 and would like to load balance both machines using Microsoft Network Load Balancing.

      Using the Windows Network Load Balancing Manager I ran the ‘new cluster’ wizard and tried to setup a new cluster in unicast mode. The operation failed with the following Event ID 53:


      NLB cluster [192.168.xxx.xxx]: NLB will not attach to adapter '{DF7D858F-369C-4B4B-9EF7-947B343E78DA}' because it does not support dynamic changing of its MAC address. Replace the network adapter with one which supports that capability.


      Is there a possibility to get this working (except replacing with another adapter) in unicast mode?