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    BATTLEFIELD 3 compatibility.


      I recently bought battlefield 3 for my computer and I get a graphics driver error when I try to play it. I updated my driver to the most recent version and it still doesnt work Im wondering if my graphics card is just not compatible with the game or what. I've got the Intel HD graphics i5 and I know the game recomends the NVIDIA or AMD but I'm not looking for awesome performance just want to play the game. If anybody knows whether it should work and maybe if I can get it to work I'd apreciate the feedback. By the way I contacted EA support and they werent very helpfull.

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          The Battlefield 3* is one of a handful of games designed to specifically take advantage of high-end graphics cards.  We continue to work with the game developers to deliver good game experiences on Intel HD Graphics. However in this case, the system you are using may not be adequate to play this game. We suggest you to follow the game developer recommendations concerning their suggest hardware configuration.


          Please see our sample of popular games playable with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 at:  http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intelhdgraphics3000_2000/sb/CS-032052.htm

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            So what your saying is dont buy intel if you want to play games in the future cause since AMD is supported, I guess your saying that your competition is better than Intel.  So your Saying that they have higher end on board cards than intel with that response... Thank you but a little late for me, But I will keep in mind next computer I will go with AMD, as you said it it, its a higher end on board video card.


            I bought this computer less than 3 months ago, and your saying is not good enough to play Battlefield 3... i5, 2.6ghz dual core, 6gb ram, and 1.7 ghz video memory, yes its a Intel HD and since I went with cheap intel, laptop I'm stuck with a computer that wont play games, well if it was supported it would play and I believe it would be a diecent picture...


            Thank you Intel I will stop buying your products from now on. Guess its all the way AMD, from now on..... I'll sell my stock soon and give up all support with this company from now on. You dont support your products, I and everyone with an Intel HD card I'm sure will not support you in the future.


            Intel may want to contact Battlefield 3 support and find out why they are not supported, as or changer the name to Intel low definition graphics, cause you just said you needed high end cards to play.


            Video ram to play this game is 512mb, yet my computer produces 1.7 ghz ram, So it is high end video graphics.... Now tell me why AMD is supported and Intel is not?


            Everything else on my computer passes ...


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              BUMP      !!!

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                So still waiting for support, where is it... Intel not doing their job?


                Simple Intel calls the developers and gets support for their porducts...


                Why is it not happening?


                Who dropped the ball on Intels side....


                ( By the way the new games coming out now are also not supported, WHY ?!?!?!?!?!?)


                Imagine all the people that bought this Intel HD in their computers for christmas to give their kids, heh and no support when the kids try playing the new games, Blog will be filled, rofl... Intel you guys **********(edited)... fast computers with garbage video cards in them and no support for new games and only support for old outdated games... and no need for dedicated video rofl, who thought of this? ( what was this person smoking? )


                I would love to see how many complain to how many return the computers... ( hope there is a reporter or someone that does the news that buys one for their kids... )



                Shall we sit back and watch this... It might be fun...

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                  If your pointer does not move in game or menu, you should put it in windowed mode. It is a bug in the game.

                  I play Battlefield 3 on Intel HD Graphics 2000.