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    S5520HC ON-BOARD LSI RAID (STATA) Initialise and consitency check to not progress


      When using the RAID console 2 app

      Bacground initialisation does not progress beyond 0%

      Consistency check does not progress beyond 0%


      Most options on Dashboard are not active links




      Instructions on firmware page for ROM updates do NOT seem to cover embedded SATA updates for this board (EPSD_SAS_FW_v.2011.02.14_ph20)


      Using boot Rom (ctrl-e) access allowed creation AND initialisation of the arrays and virtual disks, however Console software says they are not initialised.


      Raid activation key is installed


      How to enable advanced megaraid  options link takes you to help file - not much help as searching file tells you nothing.. at all


      where is the elegance of Intel Rapid Raid technology - a lament