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    Connecting external SAS storage to sr1650-based server




      Normally I discuss this kind of questions with my supplier but now they can't help me.

      I'm new to external storage.


      I have a task to extend storage capabilities for one of servers in my company's rack.

      It is a system based on Intel sr1650 platform with embedded raid controller srombsasmp2.


      So the question is:

      if I install an option card - sas host controller - into motherboard that gives two external sas 4-port connections

      and connect a JBOD rack with 24 sas disks then


      can I build raid array on that embedded srombsasmp2 controller using disks installed into JBOD rack?


      If not then is it ever possible to install another raid controller (pci-e card with external connections) into the same system where I already have srombsasmp2?


      Or should I use some DAS device instead which I connect to motherboard option card (sas host controller)?

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          I think you're using an SR1625URSAS system with RAK and MINIDIMM installed right?


          The backplane is hard wired to the midplane, so there is no way to connect any external storage to SROMBSASMP2. You can add an add-in SAS controller with external SAS ports, but the backplane can't be routed to the add-in card, which means you'll use SROMBSASMP2 for internal drives, and the add-in card for JBOD.


          Make sure you select an add-in card from the Tested hardware list.

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            Yeah, sorry. We used to buy sr1550 systems for a long time and I messed up 1625 with 1550. sr1625ursas is what I was speaking of.


            I just remember there were some Intel raid controllers with zero ports which used hdd attached to built-in motherboard host controller. So I thought if it might be possible this srombsasmp2 controller can use hdd attached to some host controller as well.


            Thank's for reply