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    Integrating drivers fully into an XP image


      Some years ago I had to build a set of systems using an Adaptec 1200a controller and was able to do so using an edited image of Txtsetup.sif (not .oem). I have been trying to do the same with the ICH9 drivers as the D3ll windows XP disk natively recognises the chipset. Is there any documentation on line to do this.


      All I can find at the moment use nLite, $OEM folders and the Winnt.sif.

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          In this particular cases we provide the drivers to be used during the operating system installation.


          The method or process on how to load the drivers into your operating system image depend son your operating system developer or distributor.


          Therefore we suggest you to check with your computer manufacturer and/or operating system developer and distributor for assistance on loading the drivers during the operating system installation. You can also refer to third party sites with information related to slipstreaming drivers.

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            Its possible but hard to do. This is mainly due to the packaged for the web installers that everyone uses.


            XP is in extended support so I suggest looking at Windows 7 which is wildly popular.

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              I know it can be done as that is effectively what Dell did for their own supplied disks, I will have to go back and have another look at the differences between theirs and retail disks


              This for example is in the [SourceDiskFiles] section of TXTSETUP.SIF


              IaStor.x86     = 1,,,,,,,300,0,0,IaStor.sys
              iaahci.cat     = 1,,,,,,,300,0,0
              iaahci.inf     = 1,,,,,,,300,0,0
              IaStor.sys     = 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4
              iastor.inf     = 1,,,,,,,300,0,0
              iastor.cat     = 1,,,,,,,300,0,0


              but I know there is much more involved than this! I was hoping somebody might have documented it.


              The Intel option of using F6 is a non-starter as few systems have FDDs now (I am not sure if I even have any disks) and very few USB drives seem to be detected.


              As for Windows 7 being popular, virtually all statistical reports for desktop operating systems show Windows XP still being several percentage points ahead of 7 despite it being withdrawn from sale and off of support (you can forget Vista). I personally think the situation is probably worse than that as many older systems are invisible to the analysis techniques used. I still have to support XP with legacy applications installed. The ****** still has a significant Windows NT4 population! (can't say who)


              By all accounts Windows 8 is going to be an even bigger bomb than Vista and the majority of upgrades will be from 7 so reducing its market share, XP users will avoid it like the plague.

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                You would need to use something like the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) that administrators use to make custom setups for their employees etc