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    X5460 vs E5450

      Hi Folks,

      On paper I can see the differenc between the X5460 and E5450 (namely 120W vs 80W and 3.16Ghz vs 3.00Ghz).

      But can someone help with information like the following:


      Are there any major differences between the chips in their spec and expected compute power?

      Does anyone have benchmarks to compare the two?




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          Christopher Peters



          With the exception of power and frequency differences you noted, these two processor are the same in their other capabilities (45nm, cache size, FSB, etc)


          'X' vs 'E' is 120W vs 80W for the 5400 series processors

          60 is a 3.16GHz and 50 is a 3.00GHz


          As for performance, the measurements we have done internally list the following



          General Purpose Server (integer)SPECint_rate*2006111114
          Technical Computing (floating point)SPECfp_rate*200669.470.8
          Java Application ServerSPECjbb_2005*300304
          High Performance ComputingLinpack *78.281.7



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            i have a customer asking for the difference between x5450 and e5450.

            aside from the power, is there any other difference?


            what is the benefit of getting the 120W x5450 as to the 80W e5450?


            why make a 120W version of a processor when it would perform the same as

            a chip that would consume only 80W?


            we hope to convince them to get the x5450 since the e5450 is no longer on stock.


            hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

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              Christopher Peters

              Dexter, I get this question a lot.  i think there are 2 discussions in response to your question.  (X5450 vs E5450 and X5460 vs X5450)


              the X5450 and E5450 are the same product with different power (120W and 80W respectively).  These two parts offer equivalent performance.  The E5450 does have a slight price premium (from intel to our OEMs) because they are more difficult/complex to manufacture - same performance in a smaller power level.


              As for the X5460 vs X5450/E5450 - the 5460 parts offer a higher frequency (3.16GHz) vs the 5450 parts (3.00GHz) - representing a couple percentage points boost in performance.


              To summarize the positioning and comparison ... What I find is that


              • performance driven customers typically seek the highest frequency products and are OK with higher power levels (X5460)
              • power/energy sensitive customers typically value the lower power 80W parts without trading off much performance (E5450)
              • cost sensitive customers will look at these 3 parts and buy the lowest priced CPU (X5450)


              Does that help?  Chris