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    dp67bgb3 hangs on error code 58




      i have recently just purchased and installed the DP67BGB3 intel desktop extreme board


      My specs are:


      Core i7 2600k

      16gb DDR3 1600mhz corsair vengeance RAM (4x4gb)

      gtx 560ti MSI twin frozer gfx card

      antec true power 650 psu

      antec kuhler 920

      antec 1200 case

      120gb corsair f3 solid state

      2tb (2x 1TB seagate HDD) in raid 0


      and it hangs on error code 58 which according to the manual is reseting USB bus everytime i turn the pc on, this happens before the option to go into BIOS loads. It hangs for around 60 seconds. Is there anyway to fix this as after this has loaded, my pc switches on super fast, and i would like that to happen without the 1 minute delay on the error checking.