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    Intel Mangement Engine BIOS Extn boot problems




      I am just a home user trying to setup a media server, and i have done something to my BIOS, and now when my pc boots up, i get the following;


      Found unconfigure of Intel ME....

      Continue with unconfiguration (Y/N)


      If i select N, sometimes get a bunch of stuff around table mismatch. Sometimes will boot into OS. Mostly boots into OS once N selected.


      If i select Y, the PC reboots and the whole thing starts again.


      I have reflashed bios so many times, and taken out coin battery etc. Have set BIOS to optimal etc.


      Any suggestions?


      DG45ID running on Vista U.






      NB: My pc has no PS2...is there a way of entering BIOS without moving pin on MB?

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