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    Rise of nations graphics card problem



      I´ve tried a lot to play rise of nations and thrones and patriots expasion on windows seven professiona 64 bits

      but your graphics card intel media graphics accellerator 3150 still won´t work and in microsoft website this problem isn´t solved.

      Otherwise I wish to ask you guys to improve hardware transformation & light performance for this graphic card and intel atom N450

      that is working in my hp mini 1030br. since now, thanks.


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          We suggest you to try the troubleshooting steps available on the game troubleshooting guide at:




          The latets generic driver for this controller is available here:




          We also recommend you to check with the game developer to see if the system being used meets the minimum requirements to play these games. Keep in mind that this is a low-cost video solution natively designed for web browsing and similar basic tasks, therefore it may not be adequate for gaming in some cases.

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            They dont care, they got ur money...

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              I am from Denmark and got a Dell Vostro V131 - Intel HD 3000.
              I got Graphics problem with Rise Of Nations (Link to picture).



              All Graphics are set to max.

              Intels solutions is Crap and it feels like Intel is looking for a easy way out,

              Like one wrote: They got your money, so why care.
              Please hasn't Intel someone (a supported whos loves problems), who is able to think and find a solutions.

              One just get so frustrated, when an Intel supporter tries to suggest solutions, everbody knows is nonsens.

              Is this HD3000 not better, is it only for TEXT ?????????


              @Diego_Intel. Are you a real support or just one that get payed pr. answer.


              Hope somebody - anybody can find a solution, thanks.

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                Lol what a description. The linked pictured are **** small and I can't spot issues there. Tell us what problems do you have and upload bigger pictures.

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                  Have you tried to click with the mouse at the pictures!


                  Picture from somebody else with a Thinkpad (not a Dell problem), but a Intel HD 3000 Graphics problem



                  But I will try to describe the problem:

                  In quick battle against the computer you have the opportunity to slect the resource you want to "build".

                  This is done by cliking at the resource (lower lft corner).

                  When you hold the mouse over the resource (without cliking) the cost is shown just above.

                  The info in a box is not shown correctly, If lucky the the half af the box is shown - often less.


                  And yes have tries diff. res.


                  Some Intel supporter Lisa Kaehlert has been most helpfull, but she suggested to install Intel driver instead of the Dell driver.

                  This is not possible without totally remove the Dell driver and start from scratch.

                  Lisa Kaehlert has not returned my mail regarding this issue.


                  Everthing is updated (DivX, OpenGL etc.) except Intel driver (use pre-installed Dell driver)


                  Intel® Driver Update Utility:

                  Product Detected: Intel® Processor Graphics 3000

                  Current Driver Installed:

                  A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.


                  Regarding driver from suggested link (Intel driver).

                  When I run setup (form zip file) or exe it says:

                  Driver is not valid for this computer. please get a valid driver from computer vendor



                  Hope somebody is more clever and helpfull the Intel, Thanks to somebody.

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                    You are correct that the installer for the driver from intel.com will detect the vendor-specific driver (in your case Dell) and won't install over it. Dell and other OEMs want this because they test a specific driver with their laptop and don't want to take risk that end user installing a later/different driver will see some issue and call their tech support - that increases their costs. And they don't want to incur the costs of retesting their laptops with newer drivers.


                    From my perspective this is a mistake on their part - as an end user, I want to be able get the latest/best driver. While it is possible that new drivers may include some new bugs, they typically fix much more than they break and sometimes add new features or better performance. In my view, the OEMs that let you upgrade should be rewarded with your business - they are basically increasing the value of the laptop over its life by giving you a bit of future proofing.


                    That said, you have two options:

                    1) you can uninstall the Dell driver and then install the generic driver from intel.

                    2) you can use the "have disk" method - see links at the bottom of this page: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-022355.htm?wapkw=installing

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                      Well sorry to say, no difference.

                      Removed pre-installed Graphics driver - installed Intel driver.

                      Except the windows Index is 6.3 (before 6.4 for Aero).

                      Hope that anybody can solve this problem


                      Intel support (and driver) does NOT impress me.

                      An old game (Rise of Nations) that works with every Graphics card know to man ecept "Intel HD 3000"

                      and Intel can NOT (or do NOT care) solve the problem.


                      Yes I am disappointed !!!

                      Why is this so hard ???

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                        sorry - I didn't mean to imply that the latest driver would solve your problem - I was responding specifically to your question about how to install newer drivers over top of the OEM driver. 

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                          Well I'm not a mac user, I do know how to replace a driver with another.

                          But i had hoped for a solution to the "Intel hd 3000" & "Rise of Nations" graphics problem.

                          Stupid me ...


                          Once upon a time (about 20 years ago) companies would help with problems. Nowadays it is all about making money from your customer.

                          And with that in mind, how can one recommend the "Intel HD 3000"!

                          It is 2 steps back regarding Graphics controller & driver.