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    HELP: DX58SO fails Memory Stress Test, desktop halts and reboots


      Hello Intel Community folks,


      First of all, my desktop SPECS:

      - Intel DX58SO with Core i7 930 @ 2.80GHz, with all 4 Cores and HT enables (so 8 cpu cores)

      - 4 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1033 MHz

      - Noctua NH-12P SE2 Cooler

      - OS: Windows and Ubuntu x86_64 11.04 GNU/Linux 3.0.xx



      After getting a new (Noctua) CPU cooler, I was trying to run some program that was both CPU and memory intensive, after running for 10-12 mins it just halted/powered off and restarted (no errors, kernel panic or anything).

      (If you would like to know I was building Linux kernel (using: make -j 8) to fully use all my 8 cores. Doing that caused my system to use all my CPU and IO resource, max temperature (as shown by lm-sensors) was 62 degree celcius. After sometime, it halted and rebooted.)


      My diagnosis:

      I switched to Windows 7 32 bit, Intel(R) Desktop Control Center's tests: CPU and Memory Stress test for 24 mins. CPU stress test (for 12 mins) passed and during which max temperature reported by the dashboard was 58 degrees C. But after 4 mins of Memory stress test, the temperature was around 63 degrees C (100% CPU usage) and my system halted and rebooted.


      Please let me know if you need any other information.

      Now, please help me in finding the root cause of this problem, is it my two 2GB RAM DIMMs, or something with my Corei7/DX58SO?


      Thanks, Rohit