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    Matrix Storage Manager - Replace Failing Drive




      I have a Sony Vaio laptop that has a Raid0 setup containing two 250GB hard drives. Over the past week or so I've been getting messages about errors on one of the hard drive. Today I decided to do something about it and I cloned (bit for bit copy) the drive that was failing. I replaced the drive and tried to reboot. I then got a message that the operating system could not be found.


      I've been into the Matrix Storage Manager options and can see that the original drive from the raid is shown as "Offline Member". The drive that I replaced is shown as "Unknown Disk". It would appear that the new drive is not recognised as a member of the array.


      I've been throught the various options available, but can't find any option to replace one member of the raid with another disk.


      ANy advice would be greatly appreciated



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          Do I take it from the lack of replies that

          1. no on reads this forum, or
          2. it is not possible to replace a failing RAID0 drive using MSM


          At present I can still boot to Windows, where I can access Intel Matrix Storage Console, which is where I get messages that one drive repeatedly has errors. I can't find anything there which will allow a HDD, which is member of a RAID0, to be replaced.


          As per my original post, if I go to MSM at boot time, I'm simply told that the cloned drive I have introduced is an unkown disk, so again I have no option to replace the failing drive.


          If this is the case, why does Matrix Storage Console even bother to tell me that a drive is failing. Seemingly this software doesn't provide me with any options to replace the failing drive and remedy the situation.