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    Rapid Storage Technology problems DH67CL - freezes, drive not available for RAID


      I am having trouble with Intel RAID on my new DH67CL board.


      I have fitted four hard drives: 2 identical WD Caviar Black, 2 identical Seagate, all 1TB.


      I initially set this up as two RAID1 arrays, the WDs (ports 0 and 1) in one array, the Seagates (ports 3 and 4) in another. Making 2 1TB drives available to the OS, which is Win7 x64.


      This seemed to work at first, but every so often Windows would freeze. Not quite dead, mouse pointer still moves, still responds to ping, but absurdly slow, like several minutes to respond to a keystroke.


      I suspected the RAM and removed 8GB of the 16GB installed. I also broke the mirror on one of the arrays, the one used for the OS.


      Everything worked fine, and I decided to re-try the RAID. However there was no Create option in the RST manager.


      Puzzled, I broke the other RAID too, in case it was sensitive to the order in which arrays are created. Now the Create option is back, but the only available drives are those on ports 1, 2 and 3. The drive on port 0 does not show up when you go to create an array, though it shows up fine in the "Storage System View".


      Now, I've been reading up on problems where Windows freezes if there is more than one RAID array, so I'd like advice on that. But the more immediate problem is why the drive on port 0 is no longer available in the RST manager?