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    Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility autotune doesn't restart DZ68BC




      I am trying the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) to autotune my DZ68BC. Autotune starts fine and then slowly increases the overclocking settings. After a while the system hangs during one of the reboots (blue screen, etc). According to the online XTU help this is to be expected and the system should be able to recover from that. On my configuration XTU fails however to recover. I then need to press the back to bios button on the back to recover the system. XTU then stops the autotune process with a failure (bios settings couldn't be set).


      My config: Intel DZ68BC (bios v27), Core i7 2600K, Windows 7 x64, XTU v2.1


      Has anybody more luck with the XTU tool?