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    Will It Run Skyrim? - Intel HD 3000


      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me I can run skyrim even on LOW Settings?


      ive had the pleasure of playing many titles this year without having the need for a dedicated card in my laptop and I thank you guys for that.


      but will it run skyrim?


      CPU: Core i5 2410m

      RAM: 6GB

      GPU: Intel HD 3000

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          Hi there!


          The game has not been tested yet, I will pass this comment to the appropriate support group. Thank you for your feedback.




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            Thank you

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              I got it this morning on my Macbook Pro 13" (bootcamp). It runs well on all settings low 800x600, with a tweaked SkyrimPrefs.ini to turn vsync off (as well as a few other things to make it run better). Also I turned the textures up to medium with almsot no performance hit. Runs about 40 fps most of the time, occasionally dips down to 25... but it's perfectly playable. In short, yes it will run.

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                Thank you, yea I noticed this too. i put everything on medium 800 x 600 and it runs nicely. would be nice to get a higher resoluton but it will do. having a blast with this game. Driver updates and updates to the game itself should really help

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                  Yes, Skyrim will play just fine on Intel HD 3000. Be sure to have the latest graphics driver for your system available here and you will be good to go.





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                    What resolution do you have as max? I have been and I will advice forward to you, play the game in the native resolution. if you get 40fps in 800 by 600 than 13xx by 6xx will also work with low settings.

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                      So far it looks like Intel is not getting support for the new games coming out, but it can run out dated and much older games


                      (In other words the games that look cool to play Intel HD cant or will not support them)

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                        Im sorry but that site is a TERRIBLE site to use. they dont even have intel HD card listed on that site so it will always tell you that you cant run anything.

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                          You know its sad when a 6yo Ps3 plays a game better than a video card that just came out last year.


                          Why is that?


                          Why does Intel say their Intel HD is cutting edge, made for new games but yet has not gotten support for the newer games... AMD, ATI, Nvidia all have support for the new games coming out yet Intel HD, can only play last years models, no support for newer games, and Admins telling you to call the developers to get support. I bought the card, and feel left in the dark cause now I have to do Intels job of getting support for their product... I feel Intel dropped the ball, Their advertising say one thing yet their Admins do nothing say nothing, and of course nothing is still supported, drivers are barely working... wait is Intel still open or is Intel staff all x-mas shopping? (bet they know not to buy computers with Intel HD graphics on-board)...

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                            Intel's gpu is made for mainstream (so they say...) but their are entry gpu. Their gpu can't be compared to nvidia or amd; the gpu is only entry (very entry, especially HD2000) and the drivers are not the best. Nvidia is know to have the best drivers for games.


                            I think intel should stop with their gpu or make better drivers and better gpu so that they last longer and really are mainstream gpu. I understand that you're angry and you have all the right.

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                              I will agree with you on the drivers update thing. Intel lists that bad company 2 is playable on their gaming list yet in multiplayer I cant even have a constant 30FPS. lots of stuttering. its a decent entry level gpu but I personally can't wait until I build my own computer in the next couple of months. Nvidia here I come!

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                                I wasted too much  $$ on this laptop with Intel HD, with the promise of their advertising of playing mainstream games (if I wanted to play 2 year old games I would have bought a cheaper system)...on this new great on-board that boasts no need to upgrade this video graphics ( ROFL ), and the way they built this laptop, you can't... Has good speed and memory 2.6ghz and 6gb ram but when they had the bright idea of installing this on-board Intel HD, thats where they screwed up as they made it useless... and the driver... well we wait for new ones, and its been a while.... but not to worry when they do come out with them, I'm sure it will make our systems crash....


                                But I'm with BBD23 in the next few months I will also build a system... and with the bad taste of Intel in my mouth. I will probably build an AMD system with nvidia graphics... Intel has showed me that they just want your money, they don't have support for their hardware... their drivers are laughable... I used to like Intel CPU's but since this, It had just left such a bad taste in my mouth its not even funny.


                                Tell you friends your family to stay away from Intel until they start supporting their products... ( feel sorry for the people that bought these computers for their kids for x-mas, cause they are useless to play new games )...


                                Its sad when the Admins tell you to call the developers of the games to get support.. Isn't their someone that works for Intel, that does that?


                                If Intel pays me their salary sure I'll make the calls, but WTF are they thinking, these video graphics should come with support... with the NEW games...

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                                  Which of their advertisements/videos/articals gave you the impression that HD 3000 will play the latest games? I bought my 3pound laptop with HD3000 well knowing that the only games I was going to be playing were older then <2008. I refuse to play less then 1024 x 1280 resolution.


                                  Intel gives me better battery life and portablitly, thats exactly what I wanted this time around.


                                  Oviously the next intergrated graphics soulution from Intel (Ivy Bridge) coming next year(2012) will be a true low/mainsteam gaming option, so give intel a bit more time to ramp things up next time around.

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