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    Intel Parallel Inspector with pthread library on Windows 64


      I am trying to get the following question answered by Intel, but their premere support portal fails to let me register (perhaps due to trial version) and their website support group has not responded to the login help request.



      I tried to use Intel Parallel Inspector (IPI) on Windows, but I am using pthreads and IPI does not know about pthreads on Windows and therefore gives a lot of warnings about potential data race conditions.


      Is there a way for me to inform IPI the “lock” and “unlock” functions of the pthreads library so IPI knows that proper lock/unlock is done so IPI will not give false warnings?


      I suppressed the warnings, but after suppressing hundreds of warnings, I am not confident that proper checking is being done (perhaps legitimate errors are being suppressed do to the requirement to suppress at such a low level).


      I thought that perhaps I could test my code on Linux, where pthreads is also used but Intel Inspector XE for Linux (IIXE) knows about the pthread lock/unlock points and therefore would not yield all those warnings.  Unfortunately IIXE does not run on my version of Linux, Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit.  Is this OS not supported?


      I prefer to work on Windows (i.e. IPI), but I require pthreads so I need some workaround.  I could work on Linux (i.e. IIXE) but not if IIXE will not run on my system.


      Can you help me solve both of these problems so I can then purchase either IIP or IIXE, once I know which one will work for me?


      Thank you,