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    Lightly scratched i7 2600k and strange motherboard electrical noise



      I've just got back my motherboard that has been tested by the authorized support center.

      The problem is the following: after I've changed the mobo (it was a P67 with the bugged SATA) and I get a strange noise from the new one.

      You can hear it well around the processor area and seems to derive from the capacitors. Hearing from my chair seems like a louder hdd noise. Getting closer seems like an electrical charge that makes a "fried" noise. Same noise as making the oil boiling while you're cooking something in it. The problem is that that sounds come and go and I can hear them through my guitar amp and PC speakers!! It clearly generates a bothering magnetic field and seems like an electric charghe..

      I've a very very thin spot in the processor that has been scrached with an angle of the cpu cooler base. It's a tiny spot and it's not deep at all. Something like a little dot made with a thin sphere pen.

      The processor works and I can use everything as I used it before in performances and temperature.

      Since the support heavily tested the motherboard with no noises: is that little scratch the responsable? Have I reached something vital?
      Or could it be, like support said, something case/alimentation/graphic card related?


      Thanks in advance for help.