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    DG965RY - USB becomes disabled after INF chipset installed!


      I have an older motherboard that has got me confused. The board is an Intel DG965RY with a 3.2GHz/1M/800 (single core) installed. For the most part, everything appears to work normally. However, there is an issue that occurs after installing the INF chipset drivers. Here is the full breakdown of the situation.


      I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro x64 (the board and processor both support x64 bit). After the "initial" install is completed (by the way, everything goes normally during the install), everything is working just fine. By that I mean the USB ports are powered on, and there are no issues. I've always been told to install the INF chipset drivers first, and that's what I've done. The chipset driver I'm installing for this motherboard is: INF_allos_9.1.2.1008_PV, and is the one listed as the latest one, by Intel, for this board. Here's where things start to happen. As I stated, before I install the chipset drivers (and after the OS is installed), all of the USB ports are working normally. However, after I install the INF chipset drivers (Intel recommended INF drivers), as this INF install program comletes, all of the USB ports become unoperational. I've rechecked the BIOS and it still shows all of the USB ports are "ENABLED".


      I know this motherboard is no longer actively supported by Intel, but this is a working Intel board and the issues I'm having appear to be with the downloaded INF driver software, and not the board.


      To make matter even worse, the integrated Lan controller on this motherboard won't install using the Intel software! This is the Intel 82566DC Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbs/s) Ethernet Lan Controller, and when I attempt to install the driver I'm told by the installation software that "there is no Intel device located" and that it can't complete the driver install. Intel recommended Lan driver for the DG965RY, is the Intel Pro32 (or Pro x64) depending on the OS.


      These kind of have me baffled, and wondering if Intel has the correct drivers available and posted for this motherboard.


      Any assistance is appreciated.